Clio’s Cosmic Quest is the 4th augmented reality (AR) children’s story that we launched on the Wonderscope platform. The experience revolves around the viewer going on a journey with a piece of stardust (Clio) as they stand up to a bully (Lewis), while at the same time learning about the cosmos and how a star is born.

This story is the first to use a new piece of technology that we developed internally, which allows augmented reality to completely takeover a viewer’s room (versus playing on a table top).

Clio’s Cosmic Quest was released for iOS in August 2019 and was featured by Apple in the App Store.

Clio’s Cosmic Quest Trailer

"It might be the best 8-minute astronomy lesson out there."

- Angela Wattercutter, Wired Magazine

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Created in partnership with Preloaded
Written by Joe Waetcher
Executive Producer Sam Storr
Director of Development Jonny Ahdout
Creative Director Zach Richter