Intel 'What Lives Inside'

'What Lives Inside' is a social film for Dell + Intel directed by Robert Stromberg and starring JK Simmons, Colin Hanks, & Catherine O' Hara. The central theme of the film is 'the creativity within all of us' and to bring this message to the audience and encourage participation, my team and I worked closely with Robert Stromberg to create a social microsite where viewers were able submit drawings their own creatures, which would be reviewed by the director himself. In just 2 weeks, over 6,000 drawings were submitted and over 100 of them made their way into the final film as different characters... 1 of them even had a starring role. All 4 episodes were released on Hulu and can be viewed now at




Client Dell + Intel

Agency Periera & O'Dell

Director Robert Stromberg

Produced by RSA

Creative Director (Digital) Zach Richter

Design Zach Richter & Abe Cortes

User Experience Zach Richter, Wai Shun Yeong, & Abe Cortes

Digital Production Company Stopp