Wonderscope is an iOS app for kids that uses augmented reality (AR) to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. With Wonderscope, kids read stories aloud and engage with characters to help them solve problems along the way. Wonderscope changes the way kids interact with mobile devices, making screen time into an experience of learning and fun, where movement, reading, and exploration leave lasting memories.

Wonderscope is truly a first-of-its-kind AR experience that activates physical environments in new ways to engage both the body and the mind. We call this ‘Spatial Storytelling’ and it is the guiding principle of how and why we built the Wonderscope app.

Wonderscope was released for iOS in November 2018.

‘Introducing Wonderscope’ :90 Video

Because AR is a new concept to most people, we created a character called “Blob” to introduce kids and parents to the technology and walk you through everything.

"The Wonderscope AR app looks extraordinary... It brings children's stories into their living room in a way that keeps them engaged and moving around, as opposed to being stuck in one place, staring at a screen. It's an exciting time to be alive."

- Meghan Fitzgerald, Marketing Lead at Facebook

AR Setup
One of the biggest challenges that came up in early user testing was that almost no one could successfully set-up an AR experience. After months of R&D and testing many ideas, we came up with a solution where the story a user selects evolves from a 2D title into a 3D quadcopter the flies around your room until you find enough tracking points to be able land it. After the grid appears and you tap to land it, the story begins on that surface.

The Stories
We launched Wonderscope with 2 stories; A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, which features a wing-walking granny and other unexpected thrillseekers, and Little Red the Inventor, a spin on the classic fairy tale.

Created By Within
Creative Director Zach Richter